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The renderer for a gdjs.Layer using Pixi.js.


  • LayerPixiRenderer



  • add3DRendererObject(object: Object3D<Object3DEventMap>): void
  • addPostProcessingPass(pass: Pass): void
  • addRendererObject(pixiChild: any, zOrder: number): void
  • Add a child to the pixi container associated to the layer. All objects which are on this layer must be children of this container.


    • pixiChild: any

      The child (PIXI object) to be added.

    • zOrder: number

      The z order of the associated object.

    Returns void

  • changeRendererObjectZOrder(pixiChild: any, newZOrder: number): void
  • getLightingSprite(): null | Sprite
  • getRendererObject(): Container<DisplayObject>
  • getThreeCamera(): null | PerspectiveCamera | OrthographicCamera
  • getThreeEffectComposer(): null | EffectComposer
  • getThreeScene(): null | Scene
  • has2DObjects(): boolean
  • has3DObjects(): boolean
  • hasPostProcessingPass(): boolean
  • isCameraRotatedIn3D(): null | boolean
  • onCreated(): void
  • onGameResolutionResized(): void
  • remove3DRendererObject(object: Object3D<Object3DEventMap>): void
  • removePostProcessingPass(pass: Pass): void
  • removeRendererObject(child: any): void
  • renderOnPixiRenderTexture(pixiRenderer: Renderer): void
  • Render the layer of the PixiJS RenderTexture, so that it can be then displayed with a blend mode (for a lighting layer) or consumed by Three.js (for 2D+3D layers).


    • pixiRenderer: Renderer

    Returns void

  • setThreeCameraDirty(enable: boolean): void
  • show2DRenderingPlane(enable: boolean): void
  • transformTo3DWorld(screenX: number, screenY: number, worldZ: number, cameraId: number, result: FloatPoint): FloatPoint
  • updateClearColor(): void
  • updatePosition(): void
  • updatePreRender(): void
  • updateResolution(): void
  • updateThreePlaneTextureFromPixiRenderTexture(threeRenderer: WebGLRenderer, pixiRenderer: Renderer): void
  • Set the texture of the 2D plane in the 3D world to be the same WebGL texture as the PixiJS RenderTexture - so that the 2D rendering can be shown in the 3D world.


    • threeRenderer: WebGLRenderer
    • pixiRenderer: Renderer

    Returns void

  • updateVisibility(visible: boolean): void



vectorForProjections: null | Vector3 = null
zeroZOrderForPixi: number = ...

Pixi doesn't sort children with zIndex == 0.

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