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Base parameters for gdjs.TextInputRuntimeObject


  • ObjectData
    • TextInputObjectData



behaviors: any[]

The list of default behaviors.

content: { borderColor: string; borderOpacity: number; borderWidth: number; disabled: boolean; fillColor: string; fillOpacity: number; fontResourceName: string; fontSize: number; initialValue: string; inputType: "number" | "text" | "email" | "password" | "telephone number" | "url" | "search" | "text area"; placeholder: string; readOnly: boolean; textColor: string }

The base parameters of the TextInput

Type declaration

  • borderColor: string
  • borderOpacity: number
  • borderWidth: number
  • disabled: boolean
  • fillColor: string
  • fillOpacity: number
  • fontResourceName: string
  • fontSize: number
  • initialValue: string
  • inputType: "number" | "text" | "email" | "password" | "telephone number" | "url" | "search" | "text area"
  • placeholder: string
  • readOnly: boolean
  • textColor: string
effects: EffectData[]

The list of effects.

name: string

The name of the object. During the game, objects can be queried by their name (see {@link gdjs.RuntimeScene.prototype.getObjects} for example).

type: string

The object type.

variables: RootVariableData[]

The list of default variables.

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