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Represents a layer of a custom object. It doesn't allow to move any camera because it doesn't make sense inside an object.




  • addEffect(effectData: EffectData): void
  • applyLayerInverseTransformation(x: number, y: number, cameraId: number, result: FloatPoint): FloatPoint
  • applyLayerTransformation(x: number, y: number, cameraId: number, result: FloatPoint): FloatPoint
  • convertCoords(x: number, y: number, cameraId: number, result: FloatPoint): FloatPoint
  • convertInverseCoords(x: number, y: number, cameraId: number, result: FloatPoint): FloatPoint
  • enableEffect(name: string, enable: boolean): void
  • followBaseLayer(): void
  • get3DRendererObject(): null | Scene
  • getCameraHeight(cameraId?: number): number
  • getCameraRotation(cameraId?: number): number
  • getCameraWidth(cameraId?: number): number
  • getCameraX(cameraId?: number): number
  • getCameraY(cameraId?: number): number
  • getCameraZ(fov: null | number, cameraId?: number): number
  • getCameraZoom(cameraId?: number): number
  • getClearColor(): number[]
  • getDefaultZOrder(): number
  • getHeight(): number
  • getInitialCamera3DFarPlaneDistance(): number
  • getInitialCamera3DFieldOfView(): number
  • getInitialCamera3DNearPlaneDistance(): number
  • getInitialEffectsData(): EffectData[]
  • getName(): string
  • getRendererEffects(): Record<string, Filter>
  • getRendererObject(): Container<DisplayObject>
  • getTimeScale(): number
  • getWidth(): number
  • hasEffect(name: string): boolean
  • isEffectEnabled(name: string): boolean
  • isLightingLayer(): boolean
  • isVisible(): boolean
  • onGameResolutionResized(oldGameResolutionOriginX: number, oldGameResolutionOriginY: number): void
  • removeEffect(effectName: string): void
  • setCameraRotation(rotation: number, cameraId?: number): void
  • setCameraX(x: number, cameraId?: number): void
  • setCameraY(y: number, cameraId?: number): void
  • setCameraZ(z: number, fov: number, cameraId?: number): void
  • setCameraZoom(newZoom: number, cameraId?: number): void
  • setClearColor(r: number, g: number, b: number): void
  • Set the clear color in format [r, g, b], with components in the range of 0 to 1.;


    • r: number

      Red color component in the range 0-255.

    • g: number

      Green color component in the range 0-255.

    • b: number

      Blue color component in the range 0-255.

    Returns void

  • setDefaultZOrder(defaultZOrder: number): void
  • setEffectBooleanParameter(name: string, parameterName: string, value: boolean): void
  • setEffectDoubleParameter(name: string, parameterName: string, value: number): void
  • setEffectStringParameter(name: string, parameterName: string, value: string): void
  • setFollowBaseLayerCamera(follow: boolean): void
  • setTimeScale(timeScale: number): void
  • show(enable: boolean): void


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