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gd::EmptyEvent Class Reference

Empty event doing nothing. More...

#include <Event.h>

Inherits gd::BaseEvent.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from gd::BaseEvent
virtual gd::BaseEventClone () const
virtual bool IsExecutable () const
virtual bool CanHaveSubEvents () const
virtual const gd::EventsListGetSubEvents () const
virtual gd::EventsListGetSubEvents ()
bool HasSubEvents () const
 Return true if the events has sub events. More...
virtual bool CanHaveVariables () const
virtual const gd::VariablesContainerGetVariables () const
virtual gd::VariablesContainerGetVariables ()
bool HasVariables () const
 Return true if the events has local variables. More...
virtual std::vector< gd::InstructionsList * > GetAllConditionsVectors ()
 Return a list of all conditions of the event. More...
virtual std::vector< const gd::InstructionsList * > GetAllConditionsVectors () const
virtual std::vector< gd::InstructionsList * > GetAllActionsVectors ()
 Return a list of all actions of the event. More...
virtual std::vector< const gd::InstructionsList * > GetAllActionsVectors () const
virtual std::vector< gd::StringGetAllSearchableStrings () const
 Return a list of all strings of the event. More...
virtual bool ReplaceAllSearchableStrings (std::vector< gd::String > newSearchableString)
virtual std::vector< std::pair< gd::Expression *, gd::ParameterMetadata > > GetAllExpressionsWithMetadata ()
 Return a list of all expressions of the event, each with their associated metadata. More...
virtual std::vector< std::pair< const gd::Expression *, const gd::ParameterMetadata > > GetAllExpressionsWithMetadata () const
virtual const std::vector< gd::String > & GetSourceFileDependencies () const
 Returns the dependencies on source files of the project. More...
virtual const gd::StringGetAssociatedGDManagedSourceFile (gd::Project &project) const
 Returns the name of the source file associated with the event. More...
virtual gd::String GenerateEventCode (gd::EventsCodeGenerator &codeGenerator, gd::EventsCodeGenerationContext &context)
 Generate the code event: the platform provided by codeGenerator is asked for the EventMetadata associated to the event, which is then used to generate the code event. More...
virtual void Preprocess (gd::EventsCodeGenerator &codeGenerator, gd::EventsList &eventList, std::size_t indexOfTheEventInThisList)
void PreprocessAsyncActions (const gd::Platform &platform)
virtual bool MustBePreprocessed ()
 If MustBePreprocessed is redefined to return true, the gd::EventMetadata::preprocessing associated to the event will be called to preprocess the event. More...
virtual void SerializeTo (SerializerElement &element) const
 Serialize event.
virtual void UnserializeFrom (gd::Project &project, const SerializerElement &element)
 Unserialize the event.
virtual bool AcceptVisitor (gd::EventVisitor &eventVisitor)
virtual void AcceptVisitor (gd::ReadOnlyEventVisitor &eventVisitor) const
const gd::StringGetType () const
 Return the event type.
void SetType (gd::String type_)
 Change the event type.
void SetDisabled (bool disable=true)
 Set if the event if disabled or not.
bool IsDisabled () const
 True if event is disabled.
void SetFolded (bool fold=true)
 Set if the event must be folded (i.e: sub events must be hidden in the events editor).
bool IsFolded () const
 True if the event should be folded in the events editor.
- Public Attributes inherited from gd::BaseEvent
std::weak_ptr< gd::BaseEventoriginalEvent
signed long long totalTimeDuringLastSession
float percentDuringLastSession

Detailed Description

Empty event doing nothing.

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